Lake Jackson Weight Loss Center

Tallahassee's GO TO Weight Loss Program!

Cascara Sagrada

A non-dependent herbal stool softener that can be safely taken every day to help against constipation. The standard dose is 1-2 pills at night and no more than 3 pills twice a day.  

Theravites Multivitamin

Formulated to replenish the nutrients that your body may be lacking.

 Amino Acids

These are taken 3 times per day.
Morning amino's help prevent depression, enhance weight loss, & improve the central nervous system. Mid-day amino acids maintain blood sugar levels on a restricted calorie diet & enhance the metabolism of fat. Evening amino acids increases the breakdown of stored fat at the cellular level. It destroys fat.


Used for centuries in India, Caralluma is an appetite suppressant and an energy burner. Caralluma increases energy without stimulating the heart to race or cause jitters. 

Calcium Pyruvate

Naturally occurring in the body, Pyruvate is a carbohydrate that assists in the conversion of food into energy through accelerated cellular respiration. It is a fat blocker.